Why Choose Fallone’s?

Fallone’s Funtime Center, Inc is a childcare/daycare center licensed by the New York State Department of Social Services. We have a licensed capacity to serve one hundred and two children between the ages of six weeks and twelve years.


At Fallone’s Funtime Center we strive for the best quality childcare offered to you and your children. The children’s health, happiness and safety come first as well as meeting the needs for parents and staff.


Our play oriented/academic childcare program allows children to explore, interact with other children, and learn from the developmentally appropriate toys and activities offered at our center. Children learn decision making, problem solving, social skills, cognitive, emotional skills and so much more just from play. Play builds self-confidence and creativity which will be helpful in your children’s lives. As children reach the preschool age, we begin to prepare them for kindergarten.


We offer challenging academic and play oriented activities which enhance their skills. Children make choices and learn to choose whatever interests them. Teamwork and helping one another is integrated into the program, and are considered major goals for children, staff and parents in our center. We care enough to make a difference in your children’s lives, so come join our family here at Fallone’s Funtime Center.


A NEW program has been added and it is our unique Fallone’s Recreational Hangout! It is a great place to send your children ages 5-15 years of age. Children will have fun playing sports, learning life skills and even boating and tubing with their own age groups.