Pre-School – 3 To 4 Years

Provide a safe, loving learning environment in which children are offered choices and are introduced to more challenging centers and activities.

Program Goals and Objectives

Social / Emotional

Fallone’s encourages children to interact and play with one another in a positive way; expressing their feelings and learning how to solve conflicts in a positive way. Our caregivers:

  • Interact with children by listening, communicating, and engaging in play with them.
  • Acknowledge their emotions and help them deal with emotional conflicts.
  • Set limits in the classroom and allowing children to communicate and help set rules
  • Will guide children to help each other and use teamwork type of approach in solving problems

Physical Skills and Coordination

Fallone’s will provide activities and space for children to strengthen their gross motor and balance skills.


Running Kicking And Throwing Climbing
Fine Motor Skipping Catching
Jumping Filling Dancing

 Sensory Experiences:

Fallone’s allows children to explore the environment by exploring through their senses and providing materials that offer hands on experiences that foster the children’s creativity.

  • Colored water and plain water play
  • Oatmeal, rice, pasta table
  • Clay and play dough
  • Pudding and colored shaving cream play
  • Simple cooking experiences
  • Natural objectives/ nature walks
  • Bubbles
  • Music and musical instruments
  • Singing
  • Snow/ sand/ ice table

Cognitive Development:

Fallone’s provides activities to enhance children’s thoughts and organize their thinking skills.

  •  Role Modeling
  •  Ordering
  •  Measuring
  •  Following Directions
  •  Sorting
  •  Counting
  •  Puzzles
  •  Filling
  •  Recognizing Shapes
  •  Building Blocks
  •  Matching
  •  Recognizing Sizes