CIT Program: 13 to 15 Years

The C.I.T. Program is available to 13yr olds - 15yr olds. It gives early teens a chance to experience a work environment by having responsibilities, be a positive youth counselor and learn great character to teach and care for others at Fallone's and in the community.


1. Interacting with children during physical activity, arts and crafts, and table games

2. Assisting lead staff

3. Assisting the younger children with meal time

4. Mentorship

5. Role model behavior and attitude

6. Offer guidance when needed

7. Provide opportunities for success

8. Praise children

9. Encourage children to take responsibility of cleaning classroom tables, toys, floors, chalkboards, etc.

10. Provide opportunities for children to visit younger classrooms, to read to  them and play with them.