Fallones Funtime Center cares about our community and contributes to the following charities:

  1. Ronald McDonald House
  2. St. Judes Hospital
  3. Golisanos Children Hospital
  4. Dan Marino Center, Miami Children’s Hospital
  5. Hunters Hope Foundation
  6. Breast Cancer Foundation
  7. Leukemia Foundation
  8. Steve O’Brien Memorial
  9. Armed Forces/Military in Iraq (Care Packages)
  10. Emma Faulk, Mercy High Leukemia Fundraiser
  11. Mercy High School Volleyball Team
  12. Arthritis Foundation
  13. Habitat for Humanity
  14. Various local children and families in the Spencerport/Ogden and Churchville/Chili area
  15. SBBC, Sisters for a Better Black Community, Scholarship Fund
  16. VA Hospital Canandaigua
  17. Alzheimers Foundation
  18. Chili Soccer Association
  19. LDA Foundation
  20. Monroe County Youth Hockey
  21. Rochester General Hospital
  22. Danielss Race
  23. Strike Out Cancer
  24. Empire Soccer Association
  25. Gates Chili Soccer Association
  26. Tyler’s Phight
  27. Baby Kevin’s Fight