School Age: 6 to 12 Years

Provide developmentally appropriate activities; crafts and games which challenge the children and build their self-confidence as well as help problem solve and use teamwork.


Centers, crafts, activities, and games as a group. Building strong friendships and bonds with other children.

angelina and jocelyn school age teamwork


Helping one another, working on projects together such as making things for hospitals, visiting nursing homes, putting on plays for parents, etc. 



Making choices and decisions on their own that will benefit themselves as well as others.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • Provide themselves with proper clothing when going outside
  • Personal hygiene
  • Pick up after themselves, put toys away, clean up after meals
  • Encourage children to think a problem through
  • Encourage children to look at alternatives and consequences when making a decision
  • Express feelings verbally and positively
  • Encourage children to participate in art, games, crafts, sports, etc.
  • Provide a variety of choices
  • Encourage children to interact with others
  • Encourage children to work through conflicts in a positive way
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